Number of Episodes: 11 
Average Run Time: 22 minutes 
Genre: Audio Drama, Fiction
Rating: PG-13
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Season One takes place in 2018 at an unnamed town about an hour north of Westchester, New York. The students in this season attend Wellington College, a fiction institution of higher education with a moderate-sized student body.

Major Characters

Fiona Weatherly

Age: 21 

Height: 56

Hair and eye color: Curly auburn hair. She has heterochromia giving her one brown eye and one gray-blue eye.

Originally from Boston, Fiona attends Wellington to earn a degree in English Literature. She writes historical fiction focusing on Romance and hopes to work in publishing after graduation. She lives in a rented house with her two roommates. Her life seems like it is going according to plan until she receives her first Dead Letter.

Grace Stewart

Age: 21

Height: 52

Hair and eye color: Mousey brown hair, hazel eyes

Grace is Fiona's best friend of seven years as well as one of her roommates. She has a reputation for being uptight and being dedicated to her studies. Grace’s main goal in life is to become a doctor so she can prevent others from dying like her older brother, Samuel. Fiona noticed a shift in her personality around the time of Samuel’s death and Grace has become more obsessive about her academic pursuits to an unhealthy level. 

Morgan Pace

Age: 21

Height: 55

Hair and eye color: Blonde hair, green eyes

Morgan is the fun but often immature roommate in Fiona’s house. She likes encourage others to enjoy the moment and is often attending parties around campus. Unfortunately, she has a bad habit of gossiping.

Paul Donahue

Age: 21

Height: 510

Hair and eye color: Light brown hair, blue eyes

Paul is Fiona’s boyfriend of two months at the start of Season One. He is studying accounting and delivers pizza to help pay for college. Paul's mood swings cause Fiona to struggle with her feelings for him, often moving between devotion and indifference as she feels something is not right with him.

Marco Álvarez

Age: 21

Height: 60

Hair and eye color: Dark brown/black hair, dark brown eyes

Marco is one of the nerdy kids on campus. Fiona, Morgan, and Grace knew him from when they all lived in the same dorm building Freshman year. Morgan enjoys picking on him and spreading rumors about him.

Heather Kang

Age: 48

Height: 54

Hair and eye color: Black hair with some gray, dark brown eyes

Heather is a successful real estate attorney from Southern California and mother of two teenaged children. She is responsible for delivering the Dead Letters to Fiona. 


Charlotte is the mysterious woman writing to Fiona from 1875 who claims to be clairvoyant.

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